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Company introduction

Mutualpak has been founded since 2006 by shareholders and senior management with over 20 years experience in semiconductor industry. Main office and factory is located at Jhongli Industrial Park, near Taoyuan International airport.

Mutualpak is performing a total solution provider of RFID design and manufacturing on wafer level RFID CSP, Strap, Inlay, as well as varied Tags.

Mutualpak has developed a very low cost P-CSP™ packaging using screen printing wafer level process so the packaged IC (P-CSP™ ) can easily be surface mount assembled onto the varied antenna substrate. The technology is applicable to HF, UHF Strap, Inlay and Tag.

Mutualpak has been working with strategic RFID IC suppliers to provide our own design RFID label to better supply integrated service to clients.

Core Technology:
(1) Wafer Level Packaging P-CSP™ .
(2) P-CSP™ R/W test system.
(3) SMD for RFID assembly.

Founded: 26th, March, 2006

Capitalization: NTD 165,547,250

Share holder: Venture Tech, Mutual-Tek, CSI & Employee.

Chairman: Chia, Fred.

CEO: Hwan, Lewis.

Main office and service center
Taiwan Taoyuan Main Office & Factory
Address: No.2, Songjiang N. Rd., Jhongli industrial Park, Taoyuan County 320,
               Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone Number:886-3-4638332

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