About MPK

Founded in March 2006, and it’s located in the Zhongli Industrial Zone, adjacent to Neili Interchange, Taoyuan High Speed Rail, and Taoyuan International Airport.

The main shareholders and management team come from the semiconductor design and packaging manufacturing industry, with over 20 years of product development experience and a trusted professional technical background.

The main core technology is WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale packaging), which can provide customers with thin packaging solutions superior to traditional wire bonding packaging, with market competitiveness in terms of quality and price, and can significantly reduce packaging costs while thinning the chip packaging thickness.

In addition to IC packaging integration services, MPK also provides design, manufacturing, and sales of RFID antennas, inlays, electronic tags eTags, and other products applicable to various management scenarios. Given the diversification of RFID applications, FPC materials such as PICu, PETAL, PETCu, and PETALCu can be used as antenna substrates, and can also be perfectly combined with different materials (such as glass, ceramics, paper, plastics, metals, textiles, FR4, etc.). In fields such as warehousing/logistics/production manufacturing/medical/retail/unmanned stores, RFID can significantly enhance management efficiency as well as the immediacy and accuracy of information.

MPK also develops our own brand of high-sensitivity selectors (readers) and works closely with multiple SI companies and RFID IC suppliers to provide customers with the most suitable integration services, from IC selection, packaging, RFID tag design and manufacturing, to backend information chaining or system integration.

Business Partners

Shareholder Composition: 70% of the shareholders are corporate entities, including Venturetech (TSMC), Sinyi Technology (Mitac), and other venture capital firms, all of which are powerful backers of MPK.

Shareholders include:

China Steel
Horizon Securities