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Create core, stable growth

MPK was founded in March 2006, with its headquarters and manufacturing plant located in Zhongli Industrial Park, Taiwan. We are a supplier of high-reliability RFID electronic tag design, manufacturing, and solution services. We offer wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP) applications, RFID CSP, RFID antennas, inlay design and manufacturing, as well as tag production outsourcing and sales. Our management team mostly comes from the semiconductor design and packaging manufacturing industries, within an average of over 15 years of work experience. We welcome individuals with high expectations and the ability to integrate into the team to join us.

Recruitment Policy

  1. Respect human rights and treat job seekers equally regardless of their race, color, age, gender, ethnicity or nationality, disability, pregnancy, religion, political beliefs, or marital status during the recruitment process.
  2. Recruit employees based on the principles of equal opportunities, placing individuals in positions where they are best suited and where their talents are most beneficial.
  3. Prohibit the employment of child labor under the age of 16, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

The recruitment process is as follows:

  1. Please search for suitable job openings and submit your resume on 104 Job Bank.
  2. The HR department and hiring managers will conduct an initial screening based on education background, work experience, and professional qualifications.
  3. HR will contact eligible candidates by phone to arrange for an interview.
  4. During the interview stage, you will meet with one or two managers to further discuss the job responsibilities.
  5. After the interview, if you meet the requirements for the job, HR will contact you by phone or email to notify you of the hiring decision.