RFID Tag Your Need

Wafer Level CSP/RDL

LGA Smart Card

RFID-Mutual-Pak Technology Co., LTD. (MPK)

Au/Cu/Ni/Ag bump
Semiconductor Embedded in Substrate (SESUB)
Multi-chip package

RFID-Mutual-Pak Technology Co., LTD. (MPK)

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Tag for Vehicles
Smart Warehouse Logistics
Smart Factory/Smart Shelf
Smart Livestock Farming
Medical Management
Retail Management

RFID-Mutual-Pak Technology Co., LTD. (MPK)

Thin film substrate
Flexible SIM card

Mutual-Pak Technology Co., LTD. (MPK)

MPK was established in March 2006, it is headquartered in Zhongli Industrial Park, Taoyuan. We specialize in semiconductor packaging integration services, RFID tag design and manufacturing, as well as solutions.

We provide wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) technology, RFID antenna, inlay design and manufacturing, tag and reader development, manufacturing, and sales.

RFID has a wide range of applications in various fields such as warehousing management, smart logistics, production and manufacturing, medical and beauty, consumer retail market, unmanned stores, and brand anti-counterfeiting. Through RFID, management efficiency and the accuracy and immediacy of information can be significantly improved.

Our major shareholders and management team come from professional fields such as semiconductor design, packaging and testing, FPC & PCB material applications, and RFID wireless radio frequency, with rich industry experience and trustworthiness.


Windshield, Headlamp Tag

PET base, high reliability, durable material to withstand all weather condition.

Long range UHF inlay

Long range reading on varied substrate, could be used in logistic and retail management .

On metal tag

FR4 base, oil/chemical resistant. Could be used on metal tools.

Silicone tag

Bendable, washable, with high temperature endurance. Mainly used for linen management.

PI Inlay

PI base, high temperature and pressure endurance. Could be embedded in molding components.

Ear Tag(Livestock ear Tag)

TPU base, strong plastic, durable material. Mainly used for livestock management.

On paper RFID inlay

Inlay on label, could be printed with barcode or product information outside, used in retail management.