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Customized Reader

Customized Reader / 客製化讀取器

155 x 114 x 32 mm

Customized Reader / 客製化讀取器

50 x 50 x 15 mm

High reliability, high sensitivity reader with competitive price.

*In addition to RFID electronic tags, MPK also focuses on developing its own Reader. It can be accessed remotely and powered by PoE or directly from the network cable, simplifying the complexity of engineering wiring. It also offers a choice of long/short range antennas. Based on customer needs, suitable antennas can be connected externally to meet on-site applications.

➤ Warehouse management
➤ Smart storage solutions
➤ Intelligent shelves
➤ Retail storage management
➤ Work in progress (WIP) tracking management

By configuring the appropriate RFID readers and antennas with suitable reading distances in the warehouse and shelves according to the required space and quantity control, automated warehouse management can be achieved through RFID, eliminating the hassle of time-consuming inventory and searching for goods.

Customized Reader / 客製化讀取器
Customized Reader / 客製化讀取器