相豐科技 客製化之整體服務

Customized overall service

Complete product integration capability, customized product architecture based on customer application scenarios and operational modes, providing tailor-made RFID solutions.

相豐科技 最佳適配性

Best compatibility

Customizing tags and readers based on customer scenario requirements, providing the best reading compatibility.

相豐科技 IC 選配

IC Selection and Configuration

We offer a selection of HF and UHF ICs from internationally renowned companies such as Alien, NXP, and Impinj to meet our customers’ reading requirements.

相豐科技 天線設計

Antenna design

Possessing excellent antenna design capabilities, providing products suitable for customer frequencies, and adjusting frequency modulation according to the attached medium to achieve optimal performance.

相豐科技 Wafer 封裝


Our team has semiconductor expertise and can provide appropriate IC packaging solutions based on customer application fields or label specifications.

相豐科技 生產製造

Production and manufacturing

We have accumulated extensive process technology experience over the years, and we have our own production lines in the factory that meet ISO standards. We provide high-quality products.